JS Rogue (2019 – Work In Progress!)


A little Javascript Roguelike built using the ROT.js library by Ondrej Zara. Play it online by clicking the image above, or you can check out the Github repo for it here.

Zach Billionaire Presents: Howzat! (2018)


A strange cricket game – Made for the EGX & Rock Paper Shotgun jam with Edward Swain

Riff For Your Life (2018)


A Survival-Horror-Rhythm-Game – Made for Ludem Dare 41 with Edward Swain

Half Life 2 – Episode 3 – Gordon Freeman : Rational Man (2017)


A Visual Novel Parody – Made For The Epistle 3 Jam with Edward Swain and Theo Jones

Safe Zone (2017)


A stealth/strategy prototype – made for Ludem Dare 40 with Edward Swain

Δ (Delta) (2017)


A time gun puzzle platformer – made for the 2017 GMTK Jam



A scale disrupting top-down shooter – Made for Ludem Dare 38

Tomb of the Glitch King (2016)


A puzzle game – Made for Ludem Dare 37

Cave(man) Story (2016)


A short prehistoric puzzle game – Made for Ludem Dare 36 with Shaun McHugh

Chameleon Candidate (2016)


A political management/strategy game – Made for Ludem Dare 35

Hyperspace Warbattle: Daedalus Requiem (2015)


An odd little game – Made for Mini LD 62 with Shaun McHugh

Cleanup Of the Black Lagoon (2015)


An arcade style clean-em-up – Made for Ludem Dare 33 with Shaun McHugh