TRUANT (2019)


An atmospheric, hard platformer, this was originally intended to be part of a much larger game, but this is a fragment which was polished up so we could release it. Made with Edward Swain. Play it here here.

JS Rogue (2019)


A little Javascript Roguelike built using the ROT.js library by Ondrej Zara. It’s unfinished, but if you are interested in ROT.js, definitely consider giving the code a peep! Play it online by clicking the image above, or you can check out the Github repo for it here.

Zach Billionaire Presents: Howzat! (2018)


A strange cricket game – Made for the EGX & Rock Paper Shotgun jam with Edward Swain

Riff For Your Life (2018)


A Survival-Horror-Rhythm-Game – Made for Ludem Dare 41 with Edward Swain

Half Life 2 – Episode 3 – Gordon Freeman : Rational Man (2017)


A Visual Novel Parody – Made For The Epistle 3 Jam with Edward Swain and Theo Jones

Safe Zone (2017)


A stealth/strategy prototype – made for Ludem Dare 40 with Edward Swain

Δ (Delta) (2017)


A time gun puzzle platformer – made for the 2017 GMTK Jam



A scale disrupting top-down shooter – Made for Ludem Dare 38

Tomb of the Glitch King (2016)


A puzzle game – Made for Ludem Dare 37

Cave(man) Story (2016)


A short prehistoric puzzle game – Made for Ludem Dare 36 with Shaun McHugh

Chameleon Candidate (2016)


A political management/strategy game – Made for Ludem Dare 35

Hyperspace Warbattle: Daedalus Requiem (2015)


An odd little game – Made for Mini LD 62 with Shaun McHugh

Cleanup Of the Black Lagoon (2015)


An arcade style clean-em-up – Made for Ludem Dare 33 with Shaun McHugh